We love to look at new products and check out the designs along with the latest and greatest techniques used for each package. This makes our shopping trips super long at the stores but the internet offers all of the innovation and new products we could ask for right at our fingertips. Take a peek at a few of our recent finds.

Pepés Tiritas

Crunchy, home style, pork cracklin strips with authentic flavor. These innovative Tiritas are cut and cooked in such a way, it’s as if they were made right in the carnicerias!

Pepés brand continues to show growth in category and has currently refreshed and rebranded its logo & core line to have a bit more of an authentic yet modern flare. We think the packaging is as hot as the products themselves (maybe we’re a bit biased since WE designed the new look!)
www.rudolphfoods.com / www.porkrinds.com
Check out the latest press release in Snack Food & Wholesale Bakery.

Thinsters Cookies Thins

Bite-sized cookies made with high quality, simple ingredients & boasting with flavor.

These stand-up pouches tout the flavorful ingredients with a simple illustration, a logo that depicts the thin attribute of the cookie and product photography that captures the unique quality of the product.

With 6 flavors and 3 seasonal flavors, there is something for everyone!

Lily’s Sweets

Dedicated to helping people eat better, and with a mix of industry leaders, wellness professionals, entrepreneurs and chocolate lovers, they ensure every product is deliciously sweetened with botanicals, not added sugar.

The vibrant colors are a nice contrast against the white background, which mimicks the color of the chocolate. The graphic scenery welcomes you in to the experience of eating “Less Sugar” for a “Sweet Life.”

Lily’s Sweets is also committed to pledging a percentage of their earnings to non-profit organizations that help support childhood cancer and other life-threatening diseases.


Leaders in the natural food arena, Barnana is releasing its newest product line, Plantain Tortilla Chips. While introducing the newest products, the company is also debuting redesigned packaging and logo, created by Brazilian artist, illustrator & graffiti artist, Speto.

The Barnana logo will also include “Nana” the whimsical, playful monkey created by Speto to help bring awareness to Barnana’s mission of eliminating food waste and promoting regrowth in agriculture in the Amazon.

With a highlighted product shot, framed by bright, tropical leaves and a cute spider monkey, these grain free chips will be hard to miss on shelf!

Square One Organic Spirits

Their sole mission was to create spirits and cocktails using only the finest, organic grains and botanicals.

The newest line of organic Ready-To-Drink sparkling vodka cocktails are conveniently sold in a 4 pack. The package design is as fresh and light as the botanical they are made with, making these cocktails easy to spot on shelf.

If you have a new product to launch or your brand needs a refresh, contact us we’d love to hear from you!