So have you heard the one about two
chicks who walk into a bar?

Well, it was actually a design studio in Northwestern New Jersey in the mid 90’s where Kristin Levitskie and Susie Edwards first met and had a fantastic time doing what they love — creating great package and brand designs for great companies, big and small. (Full disclosure, in the early days, there WERE some really good bar stories, too!)

Although they went their separate ways for a time, fate kept bringing them back together in design studio after design studio and they thought, maybe someone is trying to tell us something? Maybe we’re meant to take our years of experience working with Fortune 500 consumer product companies and use it to help the type of clients we feel most passionate about.

So Levitskie Creative was born on the premise of working with companies just like them – tiny but mighty and trying to help people live their best lives. They created a process that focuses on solving problems, where clients feel listened to and gain a strong one-on-one relationship they can depend on to help them meet their sales goals — all the while having fun and feeling good doing it.

Brands we have worked with.

We are proud to create award-winning packaging that not only looks great, but lifts sales, as well.

What our clients say

  • I have been working in package design for more than 20 years. Levitskie Creative has created some of the most attractive and instantly iconic designs in the history of our 109-year-old company. The increased sales and the awards they have won on our behalf are a testament. Importantly, they have acted as brand partners who have cared for our brands and the values we hold most dear. At the same time, they are brilliant designers and highly strategic thinkers, with a keen eye for design that works in the marketplace. Levitskie Creative has built a reliable, time-tested and highly creative platform to assist and advocate for their clients and the important brand/design decisions they must make. I could not recommend them any higher.

    Lee Schwebel

    Schwebel Baking Company

  • Kristin Levitskie and Susie Edwards created all the designs for our new product. They successfully took an idea for a new brand and new product line and created all of the packaging. This included the design, colors, tag lines. They were very professional and knowledgable about all the legal aspects of the package. We were presented with several very creative choices and found their team very easy to work with. They were dedicated to our project and saw it through to its successful end. We would certainly recommend them.

    Lisa Reiss


  • The Levitskie team are consummate professionals. I worked with their group for approximately two years and have always found them to be creative, responsive and flexible. No matter what the project, from packaging development to brand identity, their team delivers outstanding quality work.

    Jaime Brannan-Riley

    Shearer’s Foods

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