Pepe’s Churros, Designed by Levitskie Creative, Wins an American Package Design Award

It feels good to be able to share a bit of good news – the design team at Levitskie Creative was recognized by Graphic Design USA for our work on Pepe’s® Churros in their 57th annual American Package Design Awards. To be selected among some of the most elite design firms in the industry is an amazing honor (and a MAJOR award!)

Pepe’s Churros was a very exciting project for us as the product was developed to meet the new lower-sugar requirements of the school lunch program. It was also an opportunity to redesign a 50+ year-old brand to bring it into the modern era but keep a strong connection to its heritage. The revamped logo and design architecture are also a launching pad for the brand, so stay tuned for many great new bag designs to come.

According to GDUSA Editor and Publisher, Gordon Kaye, “makers, marketers and sellers are challenged as never before to convey the message, promote the brand, close the deal. Package design is increasingly the difference maker in advancing the brand and influencing the purchasing decision. Our annual competition celebrates beautiful graphics, of course but, more importantly, the power of design to forge an emotional link at the moment of truth.”

That last sentence is the one that hit home the most. We believe our ability to convey emotion through design is one of our greatest strengths, and to be recognized in the industry for it, just blows us away. We are proud of our work on the Pepe’s brand and even more proud to share our good news with you.